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With Thanksgiving around the corner, we’re counting the days until we head home for the holidays. With a small carry on bag, headache inducing travel plans (and a semester’s worth of laundry), packing for your trip can be tricky. We recommend choosing double duty outfits, multi-tasking beauty products, and a relaxed attitude. Here are our tips for maximizing your holiday break style with minimal stress.

  • Thanksgiving will likely consist of family time, indulgent amounts of food, and catching up with old friends. With this in mind choose outfits that can multi task and require minimal accessorizing. We like a cozy knit for hosting the family get together, a statement making cocktail dress for a night out with friends, and an easy grab and go dress for hitting the sales with your mom on Friday!
  • Shoes are always the problem when it comes to an efficient packing job. For a four day Thanksgiving break, limit yourself to two pairs. Depending on your location, we would choose a flat boot which works for semi-formal occasions and running around town. Secondly, we’ll of course bring a pair of heels for a night out!
  • Inside of your carry on, stash a small crossbody bag. We love one with a detachable strap for running errands, then take it off to use as a party clutch.
  • On the busiest travel day of the year, we absolutely recommend carrying on your luggage! This requires a little extra thought when packing your liquids and toiletries. We love double duty beauty products like this lip and cheek color to save space. This adorable palette (a great gift for your sister!) also means you won’t have to include multiple shadows and lipstick tubes.