If your holidays growing up were anything like ours, you often hopped in the car and headed to a relative’s house to over eat, catch a sugar high, and hang out with the family. Or perhaps you hosted the feast, meaning you watched your mom prepare the meal and stole snacks throughout the day? Not that there was anything wrong with this deliciously over-indulgent plan, but now we’ve grown up a little bit. While we’ll still leave the big days to the professionals, this year we are hoping to host at least one get together ourselves. While playing hostess sounds intimidating  we have it planned out to be stress-free, fun and delicious.

The Couple’s Fiesta is our update to the boring and often awkward double date. Invite a group of friends for margaritas, guacamole, loud music, and no awkward silence.

What To Wear: Our Roxie dress is as bright and festive as your best friend’s salsa recipe. If necessary, crank up the heat for a few hours to take a vacation south of the border.

Playlist: Rather than You Tube-ing the sounds of a classic mariachi band, we think the contemporary southern sounds of Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, and Tim McGraw provide a perfect backdrop for the night.

Menu: The best part of this party is that everyone can serve themselves!

  • Drinks: Whip up a full pitcher of margaritas or sangria before the party arrives along with a salt dish and lime wedges.
  • Food: We love the idea of setting up an assembly line for tacos, burritos  and quesadillas so that everyone can put together their favorites. Before the party starts, cook chicken, grate a variety of cheeses, chop up plenty of vegetables, and of course this! Feel free to ask your friends to bring their favorite salsa or sauce. Spicy seasoned corn is an easy and delicious side dish to prepare.

Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, engagement party, or just because, The Girls’ Brunch is one our favorite opportunities to dress up, sip champagne, and chat with friends.

What to Wear: The Harrel Dress is demure in the front with sexy back cut-outs, the perfect pairing for a day with friends.

Playlist: This is the occasion when you get to play whatever bizarre, embarrassing  or out there music you all love. We’re thinking a mash up of Taylor Swift (which we can’t get out of our head) and high school pop favorites.

Menu: Brunch is our favorite excuse to each sweets before noon, and just remember- everything looks cuter mini!

  • Drinks: A few bottles of champagne or prosecco, which you can offer as mimosas. We also love a bloody mary bar (this one looks delish!)
  • Food: Decide on some favorite breakfast items which require minimal kitchen time. Bake-ahead muffins are great, but we won’t tell is you take a short cut with the bakery. You can also easily whip up a batch of mini paninis, sliced fruit, and these genius cheese bites are a must!

The Family Feast is the hosting occasion when you get to show off your grown up self to your family, and over indulge in your delicious cuisine of choice (Italian is always a favorite!) Of course, when your parents offer to step in and help, we never turn it down.

What to Wear: We love the festive meets comfort combination of the Kelson dress– a definite power couple.

Playlist: We highly encourage nostalgic  bordering on cheesy favorites that won’t offend the parents. On our list: Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, and Etta James.

Menu: We chose Italian since bowls of pasta, salad, and scrumptious sauce can feed an army! Choose your favorites, or try your hand at a family recipe.

  • Drinks: Prosecco is a favoite way to start the evening, followed by red wine to pass around the table.
  • Food: Choose your favorite cheeses to pair with grapes, pears, and nuts to start the evening (this board is an excellent way to label and serve your selection). For the main course choose a favorite pasta dish (this looks amazing!) Kale salads have also become trendy for a reason- they are hearty and delicious! For dessert, we love classic cannolis! You will definitely impress your family when this arrives!