We’ll admit, we weren’t immediately on board when the fashionable set decided to add volume to the hips.  It’s not like we were sweating it out at the gym to make them look bigger! However, one twirl around the dressing room in this, and we were sold. The waist whittling wonders of the peplum are endless (let alone the instant dose of cool it adds to any outfit.) If you still aren’t sure how to make it work for you, take a few lessons from some of our peplum masters:

Keiko Lynn treated her peplum like a t-shirt by adding plenty of other colors and accessories. The bold layering is a little vintage, a little edgy, and we like it a lot.

Emily downplays the volume with a blazer in a contrasting color.

The arguable peplum master, Blair, takes volume to the next level with double peplums! We think this would look exceptionally cool topped with a leather peplum jacket.

Define your waist even more by adding a belt (like Anna Jane).  (P.S we took care of this for you.)

A permanent fixture to Best Dressed Lists, Blake proves the trend can be classically stylish with a color block peplum.

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