Birthdays are my absolute favorite. I know that I’m turning 27 early next year, but I still love my own birthday party and going to other birthday parties as much as I did when I was 7. I love a happy occasion and having a reason to celebrate. My favorite birthday parties are the ones where you end up dancing all night. The icing on top of all of this is that you get to dress up, and maybe even more so than you would if it were just a typical night out.

I’m all about color; I absolutely love to wear it. However, I also love my little black dresses hanging in my closet. My favorite thing about those LBD’s is that you can add so much color to them and instantly spice it up in a huge way.

The Avenger dress is the perfect LBD, and so ideal for adding accessories and all that color. The wrap skirt detail allows you to show just enough skin. The sheer neckline adds a flirtatious element, and it is an extremely flattering silhouette.

If I were going to a birthday party this weekend, I would throw this dress on and add some fabulous pieces to the already amazing style. I would add a jewel tone blazer (of course it can be taken off at the party), a gold multi chain link necklace, a multi colored bracelet (and/or gold cuff), and small green stud earrings. Since I would be wearing so much color, I like to keep the earrings still colorful, but simple. I would then throw on booties or a stand out pair of pumps, and a bright blue cross body bag. You don’t want to have to worry about holding anything besides a drink when on the dance floor.

I love to mix and match colors, especially when black is the canvas. For a birthday party specifically, I feel you should go all out. Add the color, add the bling, and celebrate in style.