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For the second stop in our trip around NYC we’re heading downtown to the trendy West Village. Bordered by Greenwich Village (NYU) and the Hudson River, the West Village is an adorable mix of residential townhouses, boutique shopping, and fabulous restaurants. Without knowing your way around you can easily get lost in the twisted streets, but will happily end up in a tucked away park, quite possibly with a cupcake in hand.

The West Village is home to famous Magnolia Bakery, and the line out the door is a giveaway. Just up the block you can also sit on Carrie Bradshaw’s stoop, although the owners now encourage a small donation. You might bump into any number of celebrities while slipping into one of the fabulous restaurants or bars (many with outdoor seating!) or shopping on Bleecker Street. Finally, you can rest your feet in one of the small, but gorgeous, parks to take in the sunset over the Hudson before heading out for a night on the town. Do you have any favorite WV stops we missed?

Up tomorrow: Styling the Prep for a busy day or breezy night in the West Village.