Last Friday we gave you some of our favorite drink spots around the city that also had fabulous outdoor lounge spaces. This week we’re actually...hungry. Alfresco dining in NYC can mean ridiculously long wait times and a crowded sidewalk seat. Instead here are three of our favorite restaurants that have kept their outdoor dining “relatively” under the radar…

Barbone in the East Village has one of the biggest back gardens in the city, and almost always has a seat waiting for you. The homestyle Italian food and atmosphere are fantastic.The only downside is you won’t get the free dessert from the owner slipped to indoor patrons.

Back 40 is another East Village hideaway with a secluded backyard. While they have recently opened another branch, the East Village location features their famous summer crab boil!

Barbuto is settled across town in the West Village in a converted garage. While not technically a “back garden,” when the doors are all pulled up it feels like a covered patio. Try grabbing a table early or during the week for a shorter wait.

Have a wonderful weekend!