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In case you forgot…this Sunday is Father’s Day! Despite countless tantrums, poor teenage decisions, and adolescent style battles, Sunday is the day when we get to spoil Dad and thank him for putting up with us. Here is some of the style advice our team remembers from their Dad, and a hint of advice for him!

             From Dad: “Stay conservative”
            To Dad: “Stop wearing sweats and glam up a bit!”

            From Dad: “Cover up!”
           To Dad: “Less camo pants!”

           From Dad: “Cover up!” (seems to be a theme…) and
          To Dad: “Stop wearing cargo shorts.Please.”

           From Dad: ” Freshen up your wardrobe with color, try new silhouettes but nothing extreme as it will be yesterday’s news tomorrow. Clothes should make you feel good inside and out. Focus on quality and fit.  Disposable fashion is just that – disposable. Your clothes should be in sync with your personality/values” (Smart man!)
          To Dad: “Classic Khaki pants and a denim button down is a classic look.”

         From Dad: “Wear your hair down and let you locks loose!”
         To Dad: “I love your sneakers but you look handsome in your loafers.”

         From Dad: “Your skirt needs to be longer than it is wide.”
        To Dad: “Nothing he has great taste!”

         From Dad: “The best way to dry your hair is to stick your head out the window            while driving!”
To Dad:
“Socks and flip flops are a big no no!”